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West Sound Cycling Club
Empowering cyclists of all levels through Training, Rides, Camaraderie, and Advocacy.
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Road Concerns - Overview

What do you do if you see a road hazard or see, or

are involved in, an accident or incident?

West Sound Cycling Club advocates for safe roads and bike facilities.  


We ask our members to be activists, attend community meetings that pertain to bicycling, and monitor road conditions.  Everyone, on every bike ride, on every drive should keep their eyes open for conditions that require repair or removal of dangerous obstacles.  A list of phone numbers to call for Incidents is below, as well as a second list for Safety Hazards. In addition to phoning in a complaint, please notify one or more WSCC Bicycling Advocates by email.  This will add weight to your request by enlarging the circle of people aware of the problem.


WSCC Bicycling Advocates:

Jay Spady       

Rick Feeny      

Paul Dutky       

Charlie Michel  

Brian Watson   


Call 911 if you are involved in or observe an incident that requires an emergency response.  If you are involved in or witness an incident that does not constitute a 911 response, you can still report it to a local law enforcement agency.  We suggest you place these numbers in your cell phone.  Be prepared to provide some basic information:

    •       Your location

    •       Nature of incident

    •       Vehicle’s description: make, model, color and license number, if possible

    •       Vehicle’s direction of travel



Agency                                                                      Phone

Port Orchard Police Department                         360-876-1700

Silverdale PD (Kitsap County Sheriff)                 360-337-7101

Poulsbo PD                                                         360-779-3113

Belfair PD (Kitsap County Sheriff)                       360-337-7101

Gig Harbor PD                                                     253-851-2236

Bremerton PD                                                      360-473-5220

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office                              360-337-7101

Mason County Sheriff’s Office                             360-427-9670

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office                         303-277-0211

Bainbridge Island PD                                           206-842-5211

Vashon PD                                                           206-463-3618


Safety Problems & Bicycling Hazards

Listed below are telephone numbers for reporting unsafe road conditions.

Agency                                                                      Phone

Kitsap County Public Works                                360-337-5777

Mason County Public Works                               360-432-8060

Jefferson County Public Works                           360-385-9160

King County Public Works                                   206-296-5220

Bicycle Alliance of WA (now Washington Bikes)206-224-9252