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West Sound Cycling Club
Empowering cyclists of all levels through Training, Rides, Camaraderie, and Advocacy.
Date: 2/19/2018
Subject: June 2017 not-quite-a-Freewheeler and Meeting Notice
From: West Sound Cycling Club

 Club members;

Your President is on a bike/barge tour in Europe, inspired by one of the presentations of our club meetings. I am filling in, so the Freewheeler will be in email format this month.

June 14 Monthly Meeting- United Way building 7pm
Doug Rhoades of Silverdale Cyclery will be covering “what’s new in bike gear”. The feature item will be the MIPS helmet, which stands for multiple impact protection system. MIPS can reduce the impact to the head by 47% and is the first step change in technology in quite some time. Doug will cover some of the other gear that’s new this year. Lastly, he’ll fill us in on the Perksville reward system, which has replaced the previous 5% club discount.

Dyes Inlet Loop Rides
The Sunday June 25 Dyes Inlet Loop Rides arrangements are nearly complete. Our major stations have assigned leaders. We could still use a few more volunteers to assist them. Nancy Mathisrud is coordinating this. Nancy can be reached at 360-479-2433,, or come to the next meeting. Before or after a shift, consider riding all or part! If you have not yet volunteered, our shifts are two hours long from 10 am to 5pm and we would be grateful for your help for this community outreach effort. If we are ever to be successful in having bike facilities in the city/county, we need a groundswell movement of citizens calling to be able to do rides like this every day. Electronic flyers for the ride went out to the families of 59 schools in our area. Posters and flyers will be available at the meeting for you to post… well, anywhere really.

Route Canal
I was approached by one of the board members who recommended we defer this ride to next year. As I thought about it and discussed with Overseas Paul, we believe he is right and the club has overcommitted to organized rides this summer. Factors to consider:

  • The ride coordinator and the club’s vice president resigned these duties, leaving it to Paul. I have witnessed a high level of stress as Paul has endured 80 hour (club) work weeks. He has had commitments with the Advocacy work, the Dyes inlet Loop Ride, Presidents duties, Freewheeler editor, and much more. This isn’t fair to him.
  • I sense our volunteer pool is burning out; Nancy is having trouble getting commitments for both organized rides.
  • Silverdale Cyclery, who is supporting both events, will have trouble supporting both rides due to a late Spring- business has come all at once
  • One of the major volunteers has a family injury and will be even less available, if at all
  • After the Dyes Inlet loop ride, there would be little break before gearing up for the Route Canal
  • Only two people have signed up so far for the Route Canal. They can receive refunds.

You board is aware of all this and will be meeting the day of our next meeting to make a decision. For those of you willing to volunteer for the ride, you are welcome to come to the monthly meeting and voice an opinion.  It is likely that the Board would need an outpouring of volunteers between now and the end of the monthly meeting to keep the ride on the calendar- including someone to take over the coordinator's role.

East Bremerton North-South corridor

The Bremerton School Board has provided us a letter of support for a shared use path across their property. They now join the Mayor, Kitsap Transit, Illahee Preserve, and the Sylvan Way Library. We hope to complete a design for a complete East Bremerton North-South bicycle corridor, submit to Public Works, and apply for grant funding.

Kitsap Transit Outreach
I received this email  from Sanjay Bhatt, who is the Public Information Officer at Kitsap Transit: 

“My name is Sanjay Bhatt and I'm reaching out on behalf of Kitsap Transit. I am interested in establishing ongoing communications with someone from your club who can help us understand the needs of bicyclists using our buses and ferries.  Could you please have that person or persons e-mail me as soon as possible at Thanks!”

If you would like to be involved in this discussion, please contact me at 360-710-0616.